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[QUESTION] New hollow body guitar with front jack output?

The only one I know is Epiphone Casino: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epiphone_Casino .
Are there any other hollow body guitar models with front jack output currently in production?
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Came across this interesting tidbit related to audio engineering for the song "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths.

The tune is built around a guitar chord that rapidly oscillates in volume. As to how the distinctive resonant sound was achieved, Marr gave the following account to Guitar Player magazine in 1990:
The vibrato sound is fucking incredible, and it took a long time. I put down the rhythm track on an Epiphone Casino through a Fender Twin Reverb without vibrato. Then we played the track back through four old Twins, one on each side. We had to keep all the amps vibrating in time to the track and each other, so we had to keep stopping and starting the track, recording it in 10-second bursts... I wish I could remember exactly how we did the slide part – not writing it down is one of the banes of my life! We did it in three passes through a harmonizer, set to some weird interval, like a sixth. There was a different harmonization for each pass. For the line in harmonics, I retuned the guitar so that I could play it all at the 12th fret with natural harmonics. It's doubled several times.[11]
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Help needed. Looking for original/replica volume + tone knobs for Epiphone Casino (more info in comments)

A while back I bought a cherry red Epiphone Casino, pretty nice condition but I noticed the previous owner changed the knobs.
(Guitar) - http://imgur.com/bd1jXEj
(close up of current knobs) - http://imgur.com/ZxBOulO
Looking at photos of originals
the Casino had Gold top hat knobs, but I can't seem to find the same ones.
Any help finding similar ones would be appreciated!
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Rig Rundown - Joe Bonamassa [2018] - YouTube 1958 Gibson ES-335 played by Kirk Fletcher - YouTube The Genius of John Lennon Guitar by Mike Pachelli - YouTube Gibson TV - YouTube Cheapest Gibson vs Most Expensive Epiphone - A Les Paul ... Electric Guitar Timeline Room 335 - YouTube Epiphone Factory Tour in China [English Subs]〜室長が行く!エピフォン ...

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Rig Rundown - Joe Bonamassa [2018] - YouTube

Epiphone Factory Tour in China〜室長が行く!エピフォン中国青島工場【デジマート・マガジン特集】http://www.digimart.net/magazine/article ... A remarkable sounding example of one of Gibsons most iconic models! With an unbound fingerboard, this is an early example from the first year of production o... Article & photos: http://bit.ly/BonamassaRundownWinding down his recent tour with a sold-out, 3-night residency at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium, Joe... If you enjoy these free lessons please consider leaving a tip at www.mikepachelli.com - I spend hours working out these lessons. THANKS for your considerat... The Casino is a great guitar, but is basically a Gibson ES-330, which is basically an ES-335 with P90s and all-hollow. Kramer 5150 is a very famous guitar based on the EVH's frankenstrat, which ... GibsonTV is a celebration of all things Guitar, Music, and Music Culture. GibsonTV focuses on creating original, cinematic quality content ranging from sit-down interviews with music's most iconic ... いっくんTVへようこそ!Every Little Thingのギター担当、伊藤 一朗の個人チャンネルです。趣味のお話やギター講座など、好きなことをゆるくやって ... Description Cheapest Gibson vs Most Expensive Epiphone - A Les Paul Challenge!For more info on Gibson Guitars go here: https://goo.gl/EcWj2fFor more info on Epiphone Gui... Help support: https://www.patreon.com/theguitarshowThanks to Andy Babiuk (Beatles Gear) & John F. Crowley, check out his website here:http://www.thecanteen.c...